Israeli Press Association (Academic Sector) (E.V)

The association began its operations in January 2015


Strengthening the position of the Israeli journalist, training and furthering education, media events, safeguarding the freedom of speech, keeping and enforcing ethics in journalism, composing the ethics code of the Israeli Press Association (Academic Sector), encouraging research in the fields of media and journalism, legal aid to members of the association in need, cooperation with universities in Israel and abroad, establishing relations with internation media agencies and cooperating with Journalists Associations around the globe. Striking a balance between negativity and positivity in press reports. The making of positive media and the glorification of national pride through the creativity and momentum in Israeli technology and high education a standard. The making of media education in Israel among the best in the world. The acquirement of a Member Card one of the highlights in a journalist’s reputation, and an indicator of high-quality, respectable journalistic work. Giving a forum to Media and Journalism graduates as equals. Maintaining an active connection to the studying of media and journalism, thus improving the education systems related to the Association.

“Association rules are compelling and members must stick to required standard moves.”

Dr. Dan Shamir